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Zydeco music is a popular accordion-based genre hailing from the prairies of south-central and southwest Louisiana. In the late 1940's, Louisiana's Creole musicians became inspired by the rhythm of blues and jazz played on radio and juke boxes. They eliminated the fiddle and brought out the rubboard (called a 'frottoir') and with the strong influence of the blues and jazz of urban blacks, created the rollicking and syncopated sounds of zydeco. Check out Geno Delafose, singing in the classic French style, note the two frottoir players behind him (one must be 8 years old!).


Zydeco dance is an incredibly soulful dance which is danced in place with a partner (rather than traveling around the dance floor). Dancing in a tight space to the pulsing and syncopated zydeco beat results in a bouncy, “down” dance with few turns that promises to leave you wanting more!

Videos of Dancers (demo and real life).............and ...............Dance Lessons

Our own Erin Brandt (leading) cutting up with Cherri at Dance Vortex. Some Gville dancers in the background!

Demos from dance instructors (Zydeco Demo #1 and #2 at top of page) - note the up/down movement in the body, not really a bounce, more like a 'down hitch.'

Some hot dancers at a festival.

Watch through the band. Lots of embellishing. Once you've got the basic (with the up/down), you can snaz it up. Notice open and closed positions.

Two having great fun at Buffalo Gap. Lots of embellishing going on!

Some awesome dancers that exemplify the dance.

Festival dancing, notice the subtle up/down movement of the body, can see it through the entire crowd.

Basic Zydeco Lesson Review- third link down, open it up to full screen.

Learn a new move with this  Intermediate Dance Lesson.

Description of the zydeco basic foot work. If it seems confusing, don't worry. The way we teach it is easier to learn.

List of dance moves (not video).

Dance instruction DVD for sale.


Dancing Gator


Not only can you, but you will!  Come out and try the no-risk, lesson  at 7pm.

Beginner’s wanted. Why?  ‘Cuz we love the dance and want more zydeco dancers on the floor! 

That means more fun for all of us!

Come to our monthly dances right here in Gainesville - $5.  


Email Karin at izydeco@HogtownZydeco.com.



Make sure to join the Hogtown Zydeco Listserv to keep up with

  • local zydeco dancing

  • outrageously fun road trips

  • dance camps and festivals across the country

See you at our monthly dancers!

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