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Join us for Hogtown Zydeco!

We're a motley crew of fun loving dancers who love to zydeco. We used to dance locally, but that is on hold for now. But join us for trips to dance festivals and dance camps for some great times.

Can't dance? No problem, they have lessons at the festivals and camps!

 Zydeco Dancing!!!

See what the dance looks like.

Music by some of the top performers

in the country... we have all the best CD's!

And we even bring in a band on occasion!

Travel with Us!


Join the Listserv to find out more.

Take a sneak preview of a lesson and/or listen to the music!

In March is Mardi Gras in Lafayette and the St. Pete Crawfish Festival

 Sign up on listserv!!


* Traveling around Florida? Check out Regional Dances.

For immediate updates, make sure you are on the listserv.

Dancing Gator* Traveling to Lafayette for the Mardi Gras festivities.

* St. Pete Crawfish Festival in March.

News and events. Find out about parties, changes in dance schedule (like during spring break), road trips, etc.

 Email us if you have any questions, comments, new dance moves, cool road trips, etc...


Information - in case you don't know who you want to email.

Bartman - Dance Instructor Extraordinaire, recently defected to Louisiana. Hog since 1988.

Karin - Dance Instructor following Bart's defection, Webmaster. Hog since 2000.

Don - Treasurer, Keeper of the Box and Hot Dancer. Hog since 2003.

Joyce - Marketing, Travel Coordinator, In Charge. Hog since 2004.

Lynn - Carpool Queen, Hopelessly Addicted. Hog since 2005.

What's a Hog?

We look forward to seeing you downtown for

some of the best entertainment Gainesville, Florida, has to offer...

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